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Not quite Dactyl


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well i had a go at this the other night and was like, what am I suppose to be doing LOL


I never played joust previously so that didn't help


You know there are these things called Google and Youtube, right? :D


*pfft* kids today, call themselves retrogamers. Think the NES is as old as it goes :P

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Here we have some captures of the arcade sound effects. I took these from the Midway Collection Volume 1 for the Dreamcast.


Clu, can you re-upload these as wavs. I know the Jag is from the 90s but I'd rather not get my TARDIS out of the shed in order to play/convert these.


(No Apple software shalt touch my system, ever. Thus spoke CJ)

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I was going through the wave files thinking "Wow, why was this nearly 10 meg?" And then I realized the 0e-Music file. So for those not wanting to download the whole 10 megs, here is this separated.


BTW, it was listening to this music/sound file that I realized the inspiration for Joust, the movie WIZARDS. :)



Joust Arcade wav 2.zip


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You know there are these things called Google and Youtube, right? :D


*pfft* kids today, call themselves retrogamers. Think the NES is as old as it goes :P

well I wouldn't say that as i have been working with a 3/4 broken colecovision for some time attempting repairs so my retroness goes beyond nes, but yes i didn't look up info / guides on the matter


watching youtube doesnt really tell you what you are suppose to do though like button presses, its shows you what the games video out does

for example i dont know from watching a youtube video if i would need to hold a button and run at an enemy or just run at it, youtube doesn't tell me this, i will attempt to lookup info for this in the next day or so and play it properly :P

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Game storyline: Take your bird into the air by flapping your wings using the fire button. Use the joystick to steer your bird left or right. Fight against other armored warriors on the backs of other birds by hitting them with your lance. When you knock them off they fall and are protected by an egg like shell. Either collect the egg, or the rider that emerges, before a new bird arrives for them to fly off on.


What is really happening: Fly your bird higher than the other birds and make sure your lance is always higher than theirs. Hit the other birds higher than their lance of just kill them with your butt by landing or falling on them. :)


Oh and the "unbeatable" Dactyl on level seven is beatable if you fly straight at them with your lance, and the Dactyl's mouth is closed... or open... I always forget which.

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Some cool pics I found while looking for source material:












Have this google link.



Many great Joust pictures here...






There are more, but I thought those above were worth sharing.



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This is the *final* .ABS version - subsequent versions will all be .ROM (Ran out of memory!)

  • New splash screen to give Dr Clu some much deserved credit (thanks, clu!)
  • Press 7 for ST sounds
  • Press 8 for A8 sounds
  • Press 9 for Arcade sounds
  • Press 0 for 2600 sounds

More to come in the next version, want to get the 7800 and Lynx sounds in there for the ultimate Atari sounding version if Joust!




Decided I'm not going to be unfair to all the BJL/CD users just because of one arsehole in a bathroom.

Edited by CyranoJ
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  • Not ready to release a new .ROM yet (It'll be 4mb)
  • New music (Greensleeves - Electric mix - Used with permission of Gavin Potter)
  • 50% quicker (found a speedhack!) so now runs at full speed
  • ST/A8/Arcade/2600/7800/Lynx soundsets (Thanks to Dr Clu!)
  • Status bar at bottom of screen to show what is currently selected

ROM will be available once Dr Clu and myself are 100% satisfied we can't make it any better (We still have ~800k to play with)



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And here's the ROM... As usual, let me know of any problems ;)






Whooops, forgot to mention all the controls changed:




1 - Single player start

2 - Multiplayer start

3 - Toggle music

4 - Atari ST

5 - Atari 8Bit

6 - Arcade

7 - 2600

8 - Lynx

9 - 7800



Edited by CyranoJ
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Thank you Cyrano and Doc Clu for this version.

Please find here a cartridge label for this great port:


I placed a cartridge box cover here as well: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/227944-jaguar-custom-game-hard-cases/page-2?hl=+universal%20+game%20+case%20+covers


Thank you for sharing the rom for CD despite some asshole who tried to make easy money without any shame -.-

Edited by Felyx
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And for the Jaguar and Non-Jaguar users alike, here is a video made of the ROM gameplay.


I think fans of the other Atari consoles and computers will get a kick out of this as all their sounds are featured...


Edited by doctorclu
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And while CJ fields that technical question now that some of you have had a chance to try this I'm curious: Which sound sets do you generally tend to use?


Overall I think Atari did great sound in most of their Joust ports. They provided the best graphics with the ST port.


Overall I tend to narrow between the Lynx and Atari 8-bit sounds,


2600 was intended to be a joke but was surprisingly good considering.

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