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Vectrex: YASI overlay, VecAdapt, Sternenkrieger and some Detector


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You guys look like you should have a 2000s-era sitcom. Everybody Loves Roli, or According to Roli, or something like that.


Also, I don't know what a "Sternenkrieger" is, but it sounds painful.


That´s a phantastic idea! And you know what? That´s exactly what we are doing on our German Youtube channel. It is much easier for us to produce those videos in German language instead of English. The channel is called "Sammler Roli" (="Roli the collector") and the show is called "Verheiratet mit einem Sammler" (="Married with a Collector"). :-D

There we focus only on comedy, there are no reviews and the production effort / quality is slightly higher. BTW "Sternenkrieger" means "Star Warrior".


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