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ABBUC software competition 2015


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I'm sure there are some RMT users out there who can help you if you post saying what you are trying to do :)





I suppose it's up to the individual author of the demo song.


If it's one of mine then I really don't mind whatsoever. I can't imagine what else you expect is going to happen if you agree to one of your music files being packaged up with an editor to be pulled apart and messed with if I'm honest - it's fair game.


As a proof of concept on game sounds, I added the RMT player and the sfx.rmt demo to my game. It worked like a charm, and also fitted great... as it was written for my game. sfx.rmt demo file is a striped rmt data file, with no credits inside it. The only credit I could find is inside sfx.a65 source file: "example by raster/c.p.u., 2006,2009". Anyway, I want to write another simple presentation and background melody, but there is few time before the deadline. If I can't finish my own melody, I guess that I must remove sfx if it is not possible to preserve it as is.


BTW, must I register myself somewere before sending my game to someone? skr?

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In the middle of a job move, sorry for being quite (and still be, loads of stuff still to do).


vitoco: As long as you make clear that you took the music from RMT (you could credit it as "Music: RMT example by raster/c.p.u." ) I am fine with it.


trbb: You should have an answer now.


Please use email for all communication, private messages in forums are not a proper way as I am registered in too many and it is hard to keep track of them all.

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since Sascha is moving, here a small reminder...


- the deadline for this year`s contest is earlier than before: July 31st, 2015

- we do have new contest rules (esp. read the additions concerning copyrighted software from other platforms!): http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1764-software-wettbewerb-2015

- we already have one entry for the ASC 2015 and we are waiting for more entries...


On your marks, get set, go !

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A small note of encouragement for anyone with a game or program they are working on or have filed away - why not dust it off and enter it into the abbuc contest? It doesn't have to be something professional - it's all about taking part and supporting the community, even if you only have a level or two or demo game ready :)

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I've just submitted my work. But there is an issue... It was NOT tested on a real PAL machine, only on real NTSC Ataris and emulated PAL ones. If it's possible, to the one that received my game by email, please check if it runs on PAL hardware and give me feedback ASAP.


Thank you!!!

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Think there are lot of unfinished projects out there... Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't fell into same 'trap' as my project - trying to do too much at once :)


My game would be finished long time ago if I just stuck to simple character graphics instead of scrolling pal blended mega extravaganza ;)

Would look kinda not bad and have 90% of gameplay anyway....


Well, as ProWizard said - we still have last year games to play, and this only means we just got 12 months extension on deadline ;)

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No probs Pop, I'd rather see what you wanted to create than a watered down version...


You guys have the skill to make us love your games, never quit on the impossible unless it really is that...


As said by the best devs, it's ready when it is....

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To the people who wanted to but didn't have time or whatever to make a game, never mind and accept our thanks for even taking the time to consider making a game, as a person who knows just how life can throw a HUGE curve ball at you I'm just in awe of what people have produced on here over the years, simply stunning enjoyable FUN games that have and still continue to entertain us now.


There's no rush, if you simply don't have the time because of free time or commitments then you have certainly my sympathy as I know that feeling well these days.


To the people producing for the contest then take our massive thanks, as long as I have a head on my shoulders (and that's a worry these days :) ) I could not write a game, I tried my best back in the day, got as far as a smooth scroller with a few sprites just enabled on screen, beyond that I was stumped so the fact that you guys can make these games just makes me even more proud of our community..


Thank you either way..

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