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Dungeon Hunt Cartridge - Interest Check


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I'm truly overwhelmed by the response, thank you all!


My intention is to produce only 30 of these cartridges, each one unique, so it looks like I need to close off the list very soon! I will contact everyone who responded here in a few days (when I have the carts in hand) to arrange details.


thanks again!

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Not knowing the game very well, are there pictures of your version? Thanx.



This is the thread for the floppy sale and has stills http://atariage.com/forums/topic/231654-dungeon-hunt-a-new-game-for-the-atari-8-bit/page-1?do=findComment&comment=3109704


This is the post in that thread with a video http://atariage.com/forums/topic/231654-dungeon-hunt-a-new-game-for-the-atari-8-bit/page-1?do=findComment&comment=3109903

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I just had an email from Steven Tucker, the cartridges should be on their way to me in a day or so. Once I have everything assembled I will contact everyone who expressed an interest in this thread. Unfortunately the current number of interested people now exceeds the number of cartridges I planned to produce. Part of the problem is that I had two colours of cartridge and 15 different labels giving me the ability to produce 30 unique cartridges. I suppose I could order another set of 15 carts and paint them to produce a third colour - let's see how the ordering proceeds...

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The cartridges are here!


Pictured are a complete set of greens, I also have blue cartridges as well.




Here is the difficult part - I'm going to try to please everyone. Since each cartridge is unique (by combination of shell colour and sticker design), I'm going to offer everyone a chance to make their own choice. I guarantee a copy to everyone who has currently expressed interest in this thread, and I may have some extra for late orders.


First things first. If you want to place an order, please provide me (via PM here) with the following:


1) Your top three case Colour and Design preferences (for example, Blue Dragon, Green Mummy, Green Skeleton)

2) The name you want to personalize your copy with (1 to 18 chars)


The price will be $45 USD + shipping ($10 US & Canada, $12 Europe) I will email you payment details when you make your selections. (as mentioned, owners of the Gold version can subtract $5)



In case of conflicting requests, I will use the order that interested people posted in this thread to resolve.



Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest!

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