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Modern or Classic, time to pick your poison


Modern or Classic, Time to pick your poison.  

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  1. 1. Modern or Classic. Choose a side and tell us why.

    • Classic (1975 to 1995)
    • Modern (1995 to 2015)

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For me it boils down to simplicity and fun. I absolutely love to immerse myself into the world of Fallout 4. But it takes time to learn the quirks and memorize all of the buttons, and it's a one player game. It seems the more modern a system is, the more it centered around a single person. VR being the ultimate single player experience.


I would never think of turning on Skyrim for people to play at a party. My 2600 is out and available whenever we have groups of people over, I usually leave Warlords in it. I don't have to explain the buttons or rules for very long. Turn the paddle, press and hold the button, kill the other kings. It's always a hit.


Classic wins.

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Hard choice.

Went with modern just because of the Batman Arkam games.

Thought to myself, would choose between Zelda:link to the past (which I'm replaying now) or batman.

Than I realized the Arkam games ARE a Zelda game, Start out weak, get upgrade, fight boss, get new toy and access new area - repeat - etc.

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While I do play modern games like Little Big Planet, PAIN!, Rag Doll Kung Fu, Goat Simulator, PS2/3 Sims, Lego Anything, PS2 GTA's, and some other stuff, I generally prefer cartridge based systems for speed of loading. PS1 is painfully slow, PS2 is better, and some PS3 stuff is almost a deal breaker for loading times.

The other factor leaning me toward older games is the length of play. I love Read Dead Redemption, but WOW is it time consuming... worth it, yes, but I simply don't have available blocks of time large enough to enjoy it.


I am going with early stuff.



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