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Magnavox Odyssey2 RF signal problem


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I just purchased my first Magnavox Odyssey2 system today. It is the version with the detachable silver colored controllers. It was missing the RF adaptor when I purchased it. I opened the system and attached an RCA cable with an coax adaptor and connected it to my TV. The picture changes when I hit the power but I can't see the game. I also attached the voice module and it plays the game sounds so I know the game is actually running on the system I just can't see it on the TV. I know this model had a "different rf switch" but I don't know if that means that I can't bypass the box with the Coax adaptor like I did with my colecovision and Atari 7800.


I tried switching between channels 3 and 4 (there is a switch on the RF box in the system) but that didn't seem to make a difference.












Here is a link to a video of what I am getting on the TV.



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Just did something very similar on my Odyssey 2, but I used an actual shielded coax cable, like what you use for hooking up cable TV or a TV antenna. I noticed on your one picture the ground strap is not hooked up, did you hook that back up? Could make the difference. Also it looks like you are using a Red RCA cable, those are really made for the Audio signal and that could also be the problem. If you want to use those I would try to find a Yellow which is for video. But I do think the RF coaxial cable is the best option. My Odyssey 2 has the best RF picture of any of my old systems, its really amazing how nice it looks.

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