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Super Action Controllers cleaning and repair guide

Tron Unit

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Just got my Coleco back and tested both SAC controllers. Ironically, the one that had the broken "octopus" controller that I removed worked perfectly. The other that still had the "octopus" piece perfectly intact had no directional movement whatsoever so I removed it. It now works PERFECTLY!


So if you have SAC controllers and the directional joysticks are not working, just take them apart and remove the white plastic "octopus" piece. Most break over time anyway and it is simply NOT needed!


BAM! Got a pair of working SAC controllers!

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I know I am resurrecting a zombie, but here are some images of the controller.

The "front shield" is very hard to get off. YOu'd need something to press the plastik nose towards the inside of the controller at the right spot.
Getting the two halfs apart is easy when you move one side just a bit to the back - the other side has small hooks at the end (see pictures).

Unfortunately, mine is beyond repair as the small white ring with the pressure points lost one tooth - one of the eight directions will be lost.
Maybe I can insert some metal lever instead...










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