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Xevious 3D/G+


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I've been waiting for this for a while, I think it's on the PSN store today. Nice PS1 gem, I used to play it quite a bit.


If I remember it contains:



Super Xevious

Xevious Arrangement

Xevious 3D/G


Namco is on a little kick lately. Funny because I visited the first ever Namco Restaurant this past weekend that had arcade games, a bowling and display showcasing classic Atari systems and boxes. It's called Level 257 I should post some pics up of it somewhere.

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how is Xevious 3D/G? ive seen videos, but never actually played it


It plays amazingly like the original arcade game with new music and a lot more stuff going on. You can't use the analog stick though only the D-Pad but the controls are spot on with precise movements and excellent collision detection etc. The graphics are more 3D like polygons which was popular back then but most of the "boss" ships and other enemies look like the arcade versions but bigger or more 3D-like. I think if I remember you also have other weapons to use and you can hold the "fire" button down to easily shoot stuff, I know for a fact your ship shoots a lot faster than the arcade version. Its very well done and still playable today even with the polygon graphics. Just an added bonus.

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