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Intellivision Service Manual - Model 2609 (pdf)


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i'm not sure if this is known

even if,

i recognized that the site was down until today.

but whenever in need for the service manual you can be sure it won't be available online.


the online version of the "Intellivision Service Manual (Model 2609)" is located here:



the uploader stated that the pictures are from "INTVfunhouse", but i couldn't find them there.


however, i downloaded the manual and made a PDF file from it,

with the advantage that you can easy read or download it for a offline use:

Intellivision Service Manual (Model 2609).pdf


since the Schematic Diagram has some additional artefacts from converting/compressing, here the picture which i downloaded:


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Just a heads up.... This version of the schematic appears to have a minor error.


At the highlighted intersection, there shouldn't be a 'junction' dot. Those two lines are not supposed to be connected.




Oh, and the VERTICAL / HORIZONTAL / COLOR / LUMINANCE labels here are just laughably wrong:




For that second one, I have to quote Morbo: "It does not work that way!" It'd be like labeling the A, B and C channels on the PSG as "bass", "midrange", "treble."




(For how it does work, read the datasheet.)



Other than that misplaced junction and the wrong but meaningless labels on the color chip, this is a much nicer schematic than the one I've been using so far. I guess someday I should do this up in a vector format, so we're not suffering JPG artifacts any longer.

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The power button is referred to as the "Glamour Cap"


To be fair, Mattel didn't name it that. The switch accessories company named it that. (Complete with the 'u' in glamour.) See page 36 of this PDF.


I actually tried to look for this company to see if it still stocked this line of products after all these years, or if some wearhouse had some New Old Stock. Came up empty on both counts. This company seems to no longer be around.

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  • 3 years later...



it let's me speculte if this




wasn't made willingly?


sort of an easter egg, a "Windei" (hollow egg), "we will show you what you get from that, dammit!"

no, it's to obvious i guess, but nonetheless.


"they can't write proper english or german in in Hong Kong and for sure they can't proper display a schematic"

something like that would have my father uttered.

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