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And now for something completely different...


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Well JT The Ninja and the other awesome responses:


The 800 in this picture is one that I fixed up for testing the Incogneto, and it was a 800 that was pretty ratty to begin with. The original keyboard I think was missing most of it's keys. Was the type of 800 keyboard where the keys come off just by typing too fast so being in the back of someone's truck for a bit lost most of it's keys.


I wanted to restore my prestine in the box 800 and was borrowing a keyboard from it.


But the fixed up 800 is doing well with the Incogneto mod So for the occational key press I added a 400 keyboard (which I have a dozen extra) and hacked it to the 800. And the prestine machine will be restored and stored. Neither 800 is permanently hurt. ;) Can't say the same for the 400 keyboard.

I was going to buy a spare 800 keyboard for this 800, but those keyboards are like $80 on ebay!


So this is to make due until I find another good Atari 800 keyboard one day for a reasonable price.

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Speaking of which, three cool side effects of the 400 keyboard on the 800 the way I had it:


1) Free palm rest with the recessed keyboard.




2) Free carrying handle.




3) And the one thing I realized as I was typing on the membrane keyboard similar to those of my high school years was getting to use such a keyboard on a system with a clear A/V signal.



In all seriousness, I have been wondering if a spare 800 power board can be made to work with an Atari 400. And if you did, if the monitor port would work on the 400.

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Sometimes in nature-an abberation of biblical proportions winds it's way onto the byway of natural law, this 800 is just such an item.


Did you never watch Frankenstein?, create a monster and it will eventually come back to kill you.


Just don't be surprised if you touch that keyboard one day and blow your arm off.

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