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HSC12 Round 3: Food Fight

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If you missed round 1: Jr. Pac-Man or round 2: Gyruss or both (where were you?) just join in; you can post scores for missed rounds too.


Runner up last time, and poll victor this time, is...

Food Fight




Play on INTERMEDIATE (the default).


The game is pretty tough but here are some Food Fightin' Tips and some good Info from BallyAlley :thumbsup:


Bonus Challenges

highest level reached (on Intermediate & only if 1 person reaches it!) 1pt

highest score on EXPERT [select/F3] 1pt


Downloads XEX Fandal Info/ROM Atarimania


Scoring Standard


Round ends Sunday 15th March 10am UK time


Have fun - if anyone needs any help just post :)

[May not run on 800s let me know if you can't play]

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I'll get this started. First attempt: 61,000!




I need to find my Stelladaptor. This is much harder to play with a keyboard.


EDIT: Score for Expert: 73,000!




LOL! Did better on Expert than I did on Intermediate.

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First try: --- :)


EDIT: OOPS! I had accidentally selected "beginner". So the score isn't invalid.

Phew! I'm glad as I thought Intermediate was too easy too ;)


Intermediate 25,000

Expert 9,800




Current Standings Updated after round 2 - I've added in the late scores (so far) too

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Never saw the attraction with this game, let's hope the people who voted for it get time to play



I'm struggling to find much love for it too; a bit loose for my liking... Beginner is way too easy (you can score over 1,000,000 without it getting difficult and intermediate seems overly difficult from the off. Hopefully over a few sessions I'll find some strategy. I'm going to start up one of those supplemental rounds for anyone who fancies some extra gaming... back soon ;)

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I was just looking through the archives, is this game really new to HSC? I just assumed that it had already been played at some point

New as far as I know - perhaps there is more to it - should give everyone a chance to win as it's hard!



OK new special round posted: Play *every* game from 2015 ;)

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Haha, yeah, I just had also a round 10k points somewhen I played...


after a long fight I got 80.800 points


does expert mode brings bonus point?

cannot recognize I read about.

than I would try also expert.

but I think this will be chaos.

cos the game is usually I would say hard.

I got I think the cartridge but never played that often in the past.

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So who's going to stick up for Food Fight?!!! :D


If they had made the difficulty start on beginner then advance towards intermediate perhaps it would be better :ponder:

For those wanting some other games to tide them over:


OK new special round posted: Play *every* game from 2015 ;)




read my mail... read my mail :-D

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about "Beginner" being way too easy - perhaps this is on PAL systems? Would be interested to see what NTSC players think. Anyone with a 7800 (or other version) got any thoughts too? :)


FF Does't even show the score at the end of your go :twisted:


I've added a bonus point for the Highest Level reached (on Intermediate). Remember you must Start on Level 1 each go (pull down on the stick to adjust). File versions says XL/XE only so if you are an 800 system player my apologies as I wasn't aware of this. Not sure if there is another copy out there that will run - you can let me know and I'll pick you an alternate challenge for some points or play on emulation for this round :)


Let's see if the first table can bring some life into this round...


1st McKong (p) 108,500 12pts
2nd Deteacher (n) 108,200 11pts * #
3rd powersoft (p) 80,800 10pts

4th akator (n) 39,300 9pts
5th SHiNjide (p) 30,000 8pts

6th therealbountybob (p) 25,000 7pts
7th Tickled_Pink (p) 17,600 6pts
8th playermissile (n) 15,800 5pts
9th krupkaj (p) 10,400 4pts
10th roadrunner (n) 10,400 3pts
11th jblenkle (n) 6,300 2pts

Bonus points for this round (1pt each)

# Expert Bonus Challenge

* Top NTSC score

$ Highest level reached (only if one person reaches it!)

will be added to the current standings at the end of the round.


Bonus Challenge on Expert

1st Deteacher (n) 73,000
2nd therealbountybob (p) 9,800

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Little better 23500


Same here 27,600 (reached level 6) and 20,100 on expert, which doesn't seem much harder.


There is something to Food Fight as you play more you notice the mechanics:

  • The chefs can only fire when then have food / when they are over the piles, so back away sometimes!
  • You only fall down the holes if your feet go over them
  • You can score more by fighting it out for longer
  • You can stand on a pile with fire held and hurl lots or, better, grab stuff as you go
  • The food travels horizontally at the same speed as you so you can chase it to run though to the other side
  • Make sure to grab something to eat before the cone so you start the next level armed! The start to each level is key - sometimes you have little chance!

If anyone has some better hints post away :)

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