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New Toejam and Earl Game on Kickstarter

English Invader

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The original creators of the Mega Drive classic are proposing a new T&E game in the unique style of the original game after years of being frustrated by Sega. See the following link for more info:

This is one of the first Kickstarter projects I've backed (the other was Bedrooms to Billions: the Amiga Years). The game will be available on PC, Mac and Linux and will possibly be ported to consoles if the game is successful.

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I hate to be so judgmental but the the background art does not appeal to me at all. I feel like it lost all of the style it had on genesis


They did say that it was early days in terms of design but they have some great ideas like online multiplayer. Plus, one of the advantages of being a backer is that you can post suggestions to improve the game and sometimes the developer takes them on board. You get to be part of the creative process.

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I hadn't checked back since they first posted it, and yeah the art has already improved dramatically. Hopefully they can implement even more of the classic game's style, and fix the wonky 2d characters on 3d backdrop perspective issues. TJ&E is my favorite Genesis games, and in my top 10 favorite overall games for sure, so I have mixed feelings about it considering the look of this one and the second two outings after the first one. The developers explanation of publisher influence to the design of the second two games is encouraging, but the look of what they have so far is not. Improving, but still scary that they might further trash the legacy.

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