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Added Odyssey 2 Atari compatible Joy Stick Ports +


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Taking inspiration from this thread and following the wiring instructions I added joy stick ports onto my Odyssey 2 that are Atari compatible. I also rewired the factory joy sticks so I can still use them. Instead of connecting new cables to the mother board though I just used the factory joy stick cable that was already in place and wired them onto the new ports. Since I was at it I also added and on/off LED light and hooked up a new RF cable (some how I found a silver one in my parts box the looks pretty sharp) and cleaned the motherboard and cartridge port.

The outside of the case had some pretty bad scratches on it so I decide to repaint it. I used Rust Oleum Silver textured metallic paint. Its still has a factory look with a little more pop. The texture is very subtle like a textured plastic. I have had very good luck using this paint in the past.


















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Perhaps you want to add a small note to the case that the ports are customized to take Atari style joysticks, just for that sake you would come across loose Odyssey^2 joysticks one day and by mistake plug them in. However I can't recall how much different the pinout is, if it could cause problems or not.

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