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Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, March 15


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Happy Spring Break, C= and Ami aficionados!
The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 1+ p.m., Sunday, March 15 at --

Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
Fresno, California

This month we discuss Commodore/Amiga at the upcoming events -- the Vintage Computer Festival East in April, Maker Faire 2015 in May, the Commodore Vegas Expo v11 in mid-July, and the Amiga 30th Anniversary at the Computer History Museum in late-July. On the presentation side of the meeting we concentrate on the Commodore 128, looking at following items -- Graphic Booster 128, Fast Hack'em 128, CP/m Kit (with its version of Chess), D128it, Star Painter 128, Spraypaint 128, Loadstar 128, GEOS 128, and Wheels 128. If the programs handle it, they'll be going through a SuperCPU 128. Too much, you say? You're right! Any items not covered at this meeting will be covered at the May meeting.
Of course, we'll have a VIC-20, Plus/4, and even an Amiga 3000 at the meeting, just in case you need more than the C128. :)

Celebrating 30 years of the C128,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
July 18-19 Commodore Vegas Expo v11 -

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