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Sword of Surtr [COMPLETE](formerly Sword of Iffrit)


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Ok, I'm way late to the game on this, but this game is great! Up there with Ature, and Dungeon and other adventure/RPGs. Some really strong games being developed for the old VCS here lately. I'm still at a bit of a loss for how to do things like make use of what I assume is the shopkeeper, but I'm admittedly not very deep into the game.


First blush, this is great! Can't wait to play it more!

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Ok, finally got victory last night in Game 2.


I'm wondering, do you really need Game 1? While it was great for getting to know my way around the world, I actually understood the game and how everything worked a lot better playing Game 2. I love the rainbow bridge screen!


Is there anything to be gained by going to Valhalla? All that I ever do is cause Ragnarok and that's not good for anybody! Although I love that such is possible!


I don't know that I ever found the torch, it didn't show up in my inventory if I did. Although I didn't encounter any dark rooms, so maybe I did.


Also not sure I got the coins except that I was able to buy the key. Do they appear in the inventory bar? Is it a choice between the key or the armor or can I buy both? Do I have to collect coins twice?


Going to play through a couple of more times tonight. Loving it! :spidey:

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Hi thanks for playing. The ragnarok screen is a new ending im still working out the details but will be survivable as sort of boss rush challenge for game 2. Um game 1 is placing the sword in a random area every game, I may shake up the items in that too in a future update to give it a more unpredictable gameplay.

The shopkeep with the key gives it free for now. The armor requires gold(hidden). There's a secret in the graveyard. And im working on an area that will use the torch.


Well thats as far as I got for now

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  • 3 weeks later...

-dropped game 1. now the goal is take the sword to valhalla (so far...)

-armor is randomly located every game (reduces damage by 1/2)(player will turn green)

- sword weapon does twice the damage of the bow

-boss enemies killed stay dead

- player takes more damage without armor (player is red)

- bow has a power up called deadly aim (same damage but the speed on a connecting enemy hit is at machine gun level)

- added random drop item drinking horn (refills life at full)

- removed some inventory graphics to improve performance on portable

*Next will add titlescreen music and improve ending add some polish to existing things...



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I'm getting stuck in the Gold Castle. I go south across the sea, get the money and buy the key, then through the graveyard, open the secret passage with the tombstone, go through the blue castle (get the armor), press the switch and cross the bridge, exit and go to the gold castle, get the dotted circle (what is it?), but then I cannot get back across the bridge in the blue castle because I cannot press the switch again and there doesn't appear to be any other way to access the gold castle.



Even with that, I am totally loving the game and love how different it already is from the earlier version!


Final nitpick, is there anyway on the playfield on the second screen to indicate that you are on the shore so that when you go south and turn into the ship it's not as disorienting? Not a major issue, more of a style quibble.


keep up the awesome work!



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-I've added an extra switch in the castle. (to prevent player from being trapped)

- fixes the portable version to display the surtr sword only once in the score

- plus there's some more little touches like the background not changing after the dragon battle
- bugfix * a 1 in a million chance of killing the dragon and he leaves a dead fireball on the exit path that kills the player instantly (fixed)
- added a titlescreen tune

- stan jr asked " get the dotted circle (what is it?)" That's the "DEADLY AIM" bow upgrade







*Next update I will see if its possible to add a little area to see the boat before boarding it (thanks stan) will also work on the ending

and try to add some more content with whats left in the banks.





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That switch helped tremendously. Playing bow only, I have noticed that it is DRAMATICALLY underpowered for some enemies. I cannot beat the draugrs with it, even at full health and running away like crazy. A couple of birds have taken over 4 shots to kill as well. That's ok, just makes a swordless run really, really tough.


I notice the DEADLY AIM now. Wow, rapid fire! Hooray!


I actually got those fireballs in the previous version, but it wasn't on the dragon screen it was on the screen just west of the sea. I ran into a block on the ground and took damage, three hits and I was dead. Had no idea what was going on. Hasn't happened since.


LOVING this game! Thanks


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Ok. Having played it through a few times (and not through many, many more...) here are some thoughts:


The new Horn item appears WAY to frequently. I see it more than I see the mushroom as a drop and I once got it three screens in a row. This takes the challenge level down dramatically. I love having it in the game, but think I should see it less.


The game seems shorter. I realize you are working on lots of parts right now, so maybe that is why, but it seems like there is less to it overall. I assume you are working on additional areas/features, etc.


I failed to get the Clergyman to appear in the church during any of my games. Did I miss something?


Is there any purpose to the forest screen just above the cave screen which holds the Berserker with the coins? I found nothing to do there. Is perfectly fine if it's just a forest, just want to make sure I saw everything.


I did the entire run with the bow. I had to run from the Draugrs and several of the ravens because they were taking 8+ hits to kill.


The Dragon boss (the coolest boss in a 2600 game I've ever seen) is too easy. Once he reaches the right side of the screen he stays there and I can just wail on him from the left side. Sure, he'll kill you with one hit if he touches you, but if you can avoid him until he crosses from left to right, it's an easy kill.


The Torch is gone, correct?


The Fire Breathing Demon boss (also very cool) is also too easy. If you can make it into the room with him, you can stand in the upper left corner and just pummel him with sword or bow until he's dead. And since he turns away and walks to the right, it is EASY to get in the little room with him. This is easier with the bow than the sword.


The Maelstrom is brutal. Is there any chance of getting a slightly wider gap to get past it? maybe just one more boat width? If not, I can live with it, but man, that thing will take your boat down in the blink of an eye.


I never ran across any Elves...


Is the only purpose of the Crypt to be a potential spot for the armor to appear? I've not seen anything else show up in there.


Is there anything to do with the animal in the pen outside the shop, or is it just a really cool part of the backdrop?


I so totally LOVE the rainbow bridge and everything in Valhalla!


This is a fantastic game and I really enjoy how it is coming together! Thank you for sharing!



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Thanks for heads up I won't have any time to work on this for the next 3 months but the game is not finished I still have a lot of rom space left to pick up what happens at the ending.


Sorry if the bosses are too easy I will try some changes to the A.I. when I get back from Alaska. Also the torch is coded in but not active for anything yet. For the grave I had thought of making a puzzle to enter Hel but that's still under construction. I also think the Maelstrom is a little too deadly and think it would be a good idea to work on it's area. The elves are getting moved. I'd also like to add that even though some enemies have too many hitpoints I haven't set it in stone what the hitpoints are for any monsters so that will likely get fixed in the future. I don't know if the farm animal has any secrets yet and if I remember the forest to the north was a location for the armor but I can't check it till Sept.

The clergyman is out of the current build but the armor might appear in the church. He may in a future build wander around the map assisting the player. Also the old man may offer clues as to what item to search for based on how far along in the game you are. The village will likely expand too, along with a extra dungeon.


Sorry no downloadable instructions, but in the thread its got some charts I've made that should be enough help till I can work out something solid. Basically find the sword of surtr (it will appear in your inventory at the bottom) and take it to Valhalla.


If you find any bugs, have concerns or want to toss in some ideas I'd like to hear them. Thanks

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A couple more notes, with pics!


After killing the giant wolf boss, my character sprite was stuck in the one leg visible position and glided across the screen until I took a screen shot of him doing that, then he reverted to normal movement.


The armor respawned on the same screen I initially found it after I left and returned to the screen. I was unable to pick it up a second time, but I get the feeling it shouldn't do that.


I was in the Dwarven Caverns and touched a dwarf. He instantly teleported into the wall and remained there until I left the screen.




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Thanks Stan, the problem with the armor is an easy fix. The one with the dwarf is too but the player freezing sounds like I may be pushing too many cycles so I will reexamine it in stella to see if I can duplicate the problem.


I'll tack these in my to do list for Sept thanks again

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Ok after spending the past few months with my flashback portable and the last build of this game, I have wrote out a huge punch list of fixes and will begin putting them into the next build sometime in the coming weeks ahead.

-planning some enemy A.I. fixes, color fixes, adding 4 more powerup items, and lots of general overlooked fixes

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fixes to new build

rem - *** made fmv for defeating viking with gold

rem - *** made fmv for defeating fire demon

rem - *** drinking horn activates berserker meter (on right of score) player does xtra damage till used up

rem - *** fixed dragonship so it stays facing last l/r direction when going up/down

rem - *** add sound effect for traps

rem - *** add speed AI to birds

rem - *** fixed fire demon (player was not receiving damage if wearing armor)

rem - *** fixed player sword so holding fire keeps it out (but only does damage and sound on initial press)

rem - *** fixed color of starting screen (top should be hedge color)

rem - *** fixed castle colors

rem - *** make serpents darker

rem - *** fix arrow at starting of new game (loaded at seeing player)

rem - *** Haldor's Longhouse if sword is picked up bow should immediately show on other side of room (and opposite for bow)

rem - *** change map so access to mountains is available after opening gate (-close back entrance to castle)

rem - *** remove switch sprite in dwarf cavern

rem - *** fixed dwarf teleport problem

rem - *** fixed finding armor more than once

rem - *** fixed merchant to take gold by running over square (not firing)

rem - *** added speed boots item
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