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New A8 game - Poor Dog Anthony 3

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Dear All,

I am proud to present a new logic game for A8.


Your task is to find the shortest path between Dog and a Sausage bearing in mind that stepping od different terrain costs different amount of energy. Good luck in beating the Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm :)


Furter instructions inside the program.

Biedny Pies Antoni 3.xex




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It's been quite easy - I did it first on my PC in C and then, after slight adaptation, recompiled using CC65. It worked on Atari more or less on the first try.


By the way, since I cannot edit the first post any longer, I attach the version that works on NTSC machines below. Sorry for not taking care about it in the first release.

Biedny Pies Antoni 3.xex

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Thank you :)

Yes, indeed the undo would be cool. There were also more features planned like teleporters, different "skins", music, support for VBXE color attributes, etc. However, the Party that I was preparing the game for was suddenly cancelled and I lost motivation... Besides that, there is no much RAM left either.


There are a total of 10 levels (from the total of ~30 planned).

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