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Asteroids variant?

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While trying out a stickerless cartridge, I came across the following intro screen:


{picture attached}

It displays for about 5 seconds when the power is turned on, and then the standard Asteroids gameplay screen is shown.


I have another copy of Asteroids (regular picture label), and it does not display this opening screen.

Is this an early (or late) variant of the game? Is it rare or worth anything? Just curious!


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I have many copies of Asteroids. If I ever get the desire, I may test each and every one to see which labels variation has the opening copyright screen and which doesn't. I'm guessing I have at least 30 copies of this game if not more.









Here's the Asteroids list so far:



321 (week 32, 1981) non-copyright Atari pic

371 (week 37, 1981) non-copyright Sears text "64"


431 (week 43, 1981) copyright Atari pic

501 (week 50, 1981) copyright Sears text "66"

022 (week 02, 1982) copyright Atari pic

082 (week 08, 1982) copyright Sears text "66"

122R(week 12, 1982) copyright Atari pic

212 (week 21, 1982) copyright Sears pic - 2 copies

Atari Corps (1986 NTSC grey labels) copyright - 2 copies



The window is starting to narrow!



There are only five weeks missing. That would be cool if we could narrow it down to the exact week!

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