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Which version of Pacman do you like most?


Which version of Pacman do you like most?  

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  1. 1. Which version of Pacman do you like most?

    • Pacman
    • Ms. Pacman
    • Jr. Pacman
    • Baby Pacman
    • Other (please specify)

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I voted Ms. Pacman... it's never disappointed me. It was also my first arcade gaming experience. A cocktail cabinet at Barleycorn's in Northern KY. Sometime in the early-to-mid '80s. I think it ended up a few miles up Dixie Hwy at "SubStation II" decades later


Because of that love, I've fed a lot of quarters into Ms. Pac-Man machines over the years.

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I really love Ms. Pacman in hearts mode..


My favorite Pacman for the 2600 is Pacman 8K

I was playing the 8k Pacman v3 earlier tonight. So arcadey it's unreal. Now I wanna change my vote from Ms Pacman to Pacman, but I can't... :sad:


So add one to Pacman, take off one for Ms Pac. But they are both awesome...

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It was hard choosing for me between Pac-Man for the VCS and Super Pac-Man for the arcade, but I chose "Other" and went with Super Pac-Man. That's the game I've been able to get the farthest in! I do like, however, how VCS-Pac-Man sounds like he says, "F*ck you ups" as he eats the nasty ghosts...big lebowski style.

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