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Super! Bitcon -- March 28-29 -- Oklahoma City


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Well, managed to make it to this year's show as well. LOT of fun! I picked up a few goodies. A complete in box (and MINT) Custer's Revenge, which I have been looking for FOREVER. That makes 4 of the adult 2600 games in my collection, one a double-ender. The cartridge has never been inserted into a system, actually. Yeah, there's a joke there somewhere.


Found me a nice CD-I for a great price. It's the Maganavox version, and it had the video cartridge already installed. Had the joypad and the spoon controller. Didn't get any games, but meh, you can burn those.


Also got a Secret of Mana 2 repro.


AND finally got the season one DVD of The Game Chasers. The chodes were there (I met them last year as well), and I got all 4 to sign it. I think this is actually my favorite thing I got, as I'm a big fan of those doofuses (Dodongo in particular is a RIOT), and getting to talk to them again was great.


All in all, a VERY good show this year. The museum had some very interesting items (the SNES military trainer in particular was incredible). I bs'd with AlphaOmegaSin about Tim Schafer and Anita Sarkeesian, and Dodongo flipped off my camera. Good times!

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