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Something is Brewing at CollectorVision


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Something is brewing at CollectorVision, I just know it... Come on, what is it ?


Few projects are in the works right now ...


We've our SNES games, Justice Beaver, Caverns of Death

Few Colecovision games, of course! ;)

Flapee Bird , Princess Quest for Intellivision

A racing game for the NES called: Pedal for the Metal


The main game we're working on is Curse of the Mayans for the NES / Wii U

Here's how it looks like


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I'm going over to RKGames's place with a torch and a pitchfork. Who's with me? :P


I think your wrong, I think J-F has him locked up in his basement doing nothing but programming, I think that is where you have to bring your pitchfork. I think the new bigger company just means he locked more programmers in his basement that is why more is getting done. :)

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we know that Collectorvision will release more great games
but what about playing the ones already released?
People (me included;) seems more excited about future releases than playing games on their console
are you opening the box when you receive it? :)

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