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New game released: Tecno Ninja 25 years anniversary edition


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I hereby proudly present the new release: TECNO NINJA 25 Years Anniversary Edition - exclusively for Atari 8-Bit computers (XL/XE standard models work fine).




It comes in a big box (31x22 cm, that's 12.2x8.7 inches).


It contains:

- the 5.25" disk for Atari 8-Bit

- 12 page full color instruction booklet

- wall poster

- detailed maps for all 10 levels (100 screens)

- $5 discount coupon for the upcoming Tecno Ninja II release


Enhancements compared to the original game: Of course the box, instructions, poster and maps already make it a great collector's item. The old titlescreen has been replaced with a more modern one that also fits the box design. It has a new cool music and I removed the annoying landing-code copy-protection. The game itself is still the same great fun as before, with 10 levels (100 screens in total) each with different themed graphics, music, monsters, lots of hidden passages and items, weapon upgrades etc.


I will make a very limited number of copies. You can order it by sending 25 Euros to yoda@yodagames.de. This already includes international airmail shipping. In case you want more than one copy, you can deduct 5 Euros of each additional copy (so 45 for 2, 65 for 3 etc.).




Here's the ATR file for playing. Enjoy! But be aware that without the instructions and maps, it's quite difficult ...




Important: Do NOT write-protect the disk, otherwise it won't load.

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I've seen the problem. Strangely, it occurs when you load the title-screen and then the game. If you just load the game (by renaming the files on disk), without the title-screen first, it works fine. Looks like although there is a coldstart, the emulator doesn't erase the RAM properly?

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What are the system requirements on this?


On my Incognito 800, I have tried all XE combos, but I get this response:

"Fehler - 9 in Zeile 128 ($C400)"


This will be because the disk is write protected.


After load Airport - first screen after titlescreen. It's crashed after graphics mode change. Look at video from atari800win:



I get this too in Altirra.

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Hmmm, after inspecting the ATR after the first error, I'm seeing a bunch of files that are flagged as Open/InUse, which might be the cause of the second error?


Re-downloaded the game and copied to the SD card of the Sio2SD again, now it just boots to a black screen. Tried it on a stock 130xe and getting the same reults.


My previous settings on the Sio2SD were set to "Obey ATR Flag". Just reset that back and now booting to a black screen too... Strange...

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It's weird problem.


First, here's a version that just loads the game, and this works fine (as long as you boot without BASIC and without write-protection.)




Make sure to clone this atr before you run it, since after it runs one time, it actives the loader and then it doesn't work again.


The loader shows the title-screen and plays the music. So I tried to remove all this and strip it down.


Here's the stripped-down code of the loader:



435 PAUSE 20
445 PAUSE 20
450 A=USR(58487)
460 END
Now it just renames the two files (in order to let Turbobasic runtime = autorun.sys load the other file at the next boot).
And still, although it does a coldstart, something in RAM must be different, because if this loader is run first, it doesn't work.
How to safely "reset" the machine so the main prog runs properly?
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Some instructions:


Joystick 0. Left/Right to run. Up/Down to climb ladder. Leftdown and rightdown to fight. Firebutton to jump. While jumping, left/right to change direction and diagonal to fight is possible (and neccassary).


Hearts replenish energy.

Coins give score.

Diamonds upgrade weapon (new weapon after 20 diamonds).

Key open doors.

Shield makes you invincible for short period of time.

Potion gives you an extra life (full energy bar after empty).

Find the eye to advance to next level (10 in total).

Screens may be connected maze-like. Draw a map (included in the box).


Important: Kill all killable monsters. Try to hit walls, there are lots of hidden items and passages.

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You deffo write enabling the disk otherwise it still crashes..


Or you could have done what I did and downloaded it again which appended a (1) to the name but silly sod me was still loading the original image :)

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