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wow, what other auction sites are there that cover the ohio area, the only auction site i even knew of was superauctions


that one is columbus is really close, im gonna check it out.


can people actually get deals at these?

any tips for coin-op auction virgins?

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Know what you are bidding on. Go on ebay and get familiar with what boards look like. That way, you will not go bidding 750 for a bootleg Galaga or Ms. Pac. I have seem them go as high as the real thing in auction, but not because they are worth it.


Also, know the difference between a serious problem and something easy to fix. A Pac with a bad overlay and joystick is easier to fix than a monitor that does not come up. Also, I would rather get a dead G07 than a monitor with no "red" (a piece of wire can come in handy; email me if you want to know how to test color guns).




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