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Season 12 Round 9 - Legendary Wings


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Welcome to round 9 of the 12th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This round we are playing Legendary Wings. This game only shows your score between levels and at the end of the game, so have a pencil and paper ready.


This round ends on Sunday, April 12th.


Title: Legendary Wings
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Released: July 1988

Rules: None.


Scores So Far



Current Standings

1. S.BAZ 136
2. DonPedro 134
3. darthkur 117
4(t). roadrunner 72

4(t). Jibbajaba 72
6. asponge 55
7. bubufubu 43
8. Mangia-Boy 35
9. jblenkle 32
10. Lid 30
11. Ashkin2002 22
12. LarcenTyler 8

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Food-300x225.jpg search result: "Legendary Wings" - lol


i always had this game in my high school days :)


right now my biggest problem is the first level, it's giving me a surprising amount of trouble but when I do get past it with a decent amount of firepower all my old training comes back into effect & I reach the end. failing to beat the last boss so far though. I was surprised to find there are only 5 levels, forgot about that. (at some point I had played it so much I got sick of it & never went back until now)


really impressive game, too bad about the levels & bosses being so repetitive, but I guess something has got to give with everything else about it being so excellent


playing this I had a fun realization... one really memorable dream I had about 7 yrs ago, I was in a place I thought I had totally dreamed up in my imagination. But now I found out it's this place from Legendary Wings, wow!



Edited by S.BAZ
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bubufubu: I assume you beat the game & stopped playing at that point?


the game loops & the score keeps on counting but I don't think the difficulty increases, is that correct?



Jibbajaba: if so, do we have a rule about that? -- stop after beating it, or just keep playing as long as we like if we beat it?


i prefer the point-pressing challenge to the marathon challenge but I'm up for either one :)

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I stopped the run after 1 loop because the .avi file was over 4 gigs by that point. When it gets to be that size, VirtuaNES has problems converting the file.


The game loops indefinitely and the difficulty does not increase. I have maxed out the score and can confirm this.


I think it would be more interesting to go for point pressing with this game. I'm not sure what the point limit would be for a single loop. It might depend solely upon how many hornets/wasps you can kill.

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I think it would be cooler to limit it to one run through the game, because then the challenge becomes milking for maximum points. If the difficulty increased with each subsequent loop then it would be different, but since it doesn't, it stands to reason that if you can beat the game once, then you can play through it multiple times, and what fun is that?

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Better late than never:




I made an idiotic mistake in stage 3, lost all powerups, and it was game over soon after that. Quite confident I can do better tomorrow.


Not a top tier of NES shoot em ups in my opinion, but I like the vertical stages. Would never find out about secret areas without bubufubu's replay - I was sure the smoke is a projectile I'm supposed to dodge.


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I think I had about 700,000 after stage 3, then completely lost the plot at the beginning of stage 4. I started losing powerups and then lives at an alarming rate, while not knowing how much points I still need to pass S.BAZ's score (which I remembered being in 760,000 - 770,000 range). In the end barely scraped by:




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With this round, DonPedro has overtaken S.BAZ for the lead, by ONE POINT!!! darthkur has the third and final podium position locked up, and has a chance to move up only if both DonPedro and S.BAZ finish outside the points. It will all come down to the 10th and final round!


bubufubu 1,183,500 +25

DonPedro 768,200 +18

S.BAZ 766,200 +15

darthkur 31,700 +12

roadrunner 28,300 +10

jblenkle 19,800 +8


1. DonPedro 152

2. S.BAZ 151

3. darthkur 129

4. roadrunner 82

5. Jibbajaba 72

6. bubufubu 68

7. asponge 55

8. jblenkle 40

9. Mangia-Boy 35

10. Lid 30

11. Ashkin2002 22

12. LarcenTyler 8

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