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Intellivision Baseball League 2015


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Tough game, but Bombers win 1-0 on string of hits in the 6th.


All of the teams have stepped up their starting pitching and defense in the offseason. Except for a couple of big offensive games or bad innings, which are expected, getting runs will be difficult this year. Should be interesting.

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You know, I wasn't expecting it, but I am enjoying the commentary on these games. :)


P.S. I've been reverse-engineering the game for a few days now and gotten some insight into how it works. I won't promise anything, but I think I will be able to change the colours as you wished.


I'm also looking into adding team name displays--as long as we can constrain them to 4 or 5 characters each.

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Right on man!!! Thank you!!! I see you attempted to add the team abbreviations last year but somehow they're not appearing. Yea they would be 4 characters max.


That's because I couldn't get the names to fit along with the score and the status messages (e.g., "STRIKE!," "YER OUT!," etc.) on the same line--it looked too cluttered. Also, I couldn't move the status message to the second row because it clashed with the center fielder, and "erased" him every time the status was cleared.


I solved that now by displaying the team names on top, and the scores below each name. That way, the status message can still display on the top line and still have enough space for a 5-character name on each side.


More importantly, I'm trying to understand the game code to learn from it. The more I see the game in action, the more impressed I am by its sophisticated behaviour in spite of its simplicity.



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No score until the 6th when the Mutants got a run. Fast forward to the 9th when the Beamriders got a single, an intentional walk, another single and a WALK OFF GRAND SLAM!!! 4-1 win.


(Funny how the game itself stopped after the second run scored, the other runners did not cross the plate, but really it's 4-1)

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