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Intellivision Baseball League 2015


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WOW! Real dog fight today! Beamriders crushed a 3-run home run in the first, then got another run in the 4th. Bombers fought back in the 5th scoring three runs, then tied it in the bottom of the 9th. Beamriders kept pounding the ball in the 10th scoring their winning run 5-4!!!


Game three is winner take all tomorrow!

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2015 Season Review


This year's league champs did not exactly pick up where their 2014 network championship season left off when they dominated the league with a 6-1

record. They struggled through the first half, their big offense only coming through in two of the first five games. However, they fought through

it and remained solid through the rest of the season, leading the league in runs scored. After a close heartbreaking championship series in 2014,

they redeemed themselves against a tough Bombers team this year to become the elite team in the league.
Offseason needs: Nothing really. While not exactly perfect, they have all the components needed to be champs again in 2016.


After a dismal 2014 season, they made some changes in the offseason and showed much improvement this year nearly going "worst to first". Their

offense was the most improved, nearly doubling their average runs per game over last season. However, those big bats seemed to fall flat toward

the end of this season, scoring only four runs in the last four games and killing their championship chance.
Offseason needs: They need to boost their offense a little more to de-throne the Beamriders.


Another improved team over last season, however they lacked consistency. Offense and defense were generally solid, but the pitching staff showed

weakness at important times.
Offseason needs: They have some holes in the pitching staff that need to be addressed.


Insecurity and self-doubt will not win games in sports, and after two losing seasons, the Mutants are loaded with it. While their hitting has

improved over last year, their pitching and defense need a lot of help. They have some elements to be a competitive team, but their manager needs

to keep them focused on winning and give the team confidence. They also need to be more resilient and not let losing games affect them so much.
Offseason needs: Pitching and a positive, confident leader in the clubhouse.


This year's champions of the ultra-competitive Battle Network don't make a lot of noise or light up the scoreboard. They just handle their

business in a strong, focused way. It's easy to view their lack of offense as a weakness compared to the other teams, but their solid defense has

been winning them games.
Offseason needs: Consistency in pitching and hitting.


Last season's league champions were off to a great start in 2015, but they crumbled in the second half going 2-4. Their offense has remained

strong, but their pitching and defense had bad moments.
Offseason needs: Consistency in pitching.


This team was on fire in the first half of the season, scoring 11 runs in 4 games while only giving up around half of that. However that fire

burned out in the second half and they lost 5 out of the last 6 games and had very low run production in that stretch. If they can keep a steady

pace next season, they could be contenders as in 2014.
Offseason needs: The manager and coaches really need to analyze this season to see why the team collapsed.


River Raiders
They are a tough team that had some bad breaks. They have a strong offense, but some bad pitches have cost them games. They improved over last

season, and even though finished in last place, were only 2 games out of first.
Offseason needs: Improve the pitching staff, and they could use more big hitters.


This league continues to get more exciting. 2015 brought a new record for runs scored in a game (twice!) and the first triple plays in league

history. And all of the teams still had a chance at the championship heading into the final weeks. Even though the Beamriders are the kings of

the mountain for now, the rest of the teams are not far behind. There will be two new teams next year to make the league more competitive and



This league may be fictional, but the drama is all real. See ya in March!

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