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Dungeon Stalker - a new Atari 7800 Game

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Dungeon Stalker started out as an homage to Intellivision's Night Stalker and ultimately evolved into what I'm sharing with everyone today. This release represents three months and hundreds of hours of hard work. I couldn't have done this without RevEng's help, so much so that we are presenting this game as co-authors. This game is written in 100% 7800basic and I think really shows how powerful the language is. Well done RevEng! I also want to thank Trebor for his many hours of play testing to make sure this game is as bug-free and perfect as possible. We had a discussion over the placement a single pixel at one point. ;) If you want to play this game in emulation I highly recommend you download the latest version of MESS first, get it here. Trebor and RevEng have both been working on updates to improve MESS 7800 emulation support and have done a great job. If you need help setting up the command line version of MESS I have instructions on my website here.


Right now this game should still be considered a work in progress, however it is very a complete and playable game as it is. RevEng and I have a few more features planned for music and gameplay that have not been implemented yet. There's more to come! :D This game uses the much lesser used 320A mode which allows for a much higher resolution at the expense of single color sprites. I chose it because I thought it was a perfect fit for a game designed to look and play similar to Night Stalker. It also supports the high score cart and AtariVox saving and speech, there's more details on that in the instruction manual. I'm sharing the binary and a78 file only for now, but the 7800basic code will be released as well at some point. I really need to clean up the code and the graphics files that go along with it before I package it up for release.


Attached is a guide to how to play the game and a more detailed description of it's features. We are planning on a true back story, instruction manual and artwork in the future, for now this is just a basic guide [Edit: A complete instruction manual is attached, the final version for the cartridge release is different].


I highly recommend reviewing the manual as it describes key elements of the game that are important if you want to truly enjoy playing it.


The source code and binaries for the released version of Dungeon Stalker are in the "Dungeon_Stalker_Final.zip" file.




I posted 1.232 on 7/7/15, it contains many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes and is the first release candidate. The manual was also updated and the buggy old versions were removed and placed in an 'old versions' zip archive. I don't recommend playing those versions but I wanted to keep them available for those interested.


I posted 1.243 on 7/22/15, it's the version that will be displayed at the Classic Game Fest in Austin this weekend. The pdf manual was also updated to reflect the new features.


I posted 1.245 on 8/5/15. There were minor changes to sprites in this version, no gameplay modifications were made. This will likely be the version released on cartridge in October 2015.


I updated the instruction manual on 8/10/15 to correct a spelling error.


I updated the instruction manual again on 9/4/15 to add David Exton to the credits (v245d is current).


I updated this post on 10/22/15 with the original source code, which is included in the zip file named "Dungeon_Stalker_Final.zip". It also includes some extras like graphics files showing color choices & spawn locations, as well as some pictures from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.


10/27/15 - One final edit and I'll likely never edit this post again. :) The final revision of the instruction manual is my own personal version, it's not the same as the manual that's being released with the game. The released version was redesigned by David Exton and includes some additional artwork that he created. You'll have to buy the game on cart to get that version of the manual!
















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This is very awesome! I've always liked Night Stalker and could recognize it immediately when I glanced at the pictures.

A couple questions do the mazes change from level to level?

Also is this going to be available on cart?

I'll have to download and set up my emulators again and give this a try. :thumbsup:

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Here's a short video of the title screen so you can hear the intro AtariVox speech. It's from an earlier build so the title screen is a little different. There's much more speech than this, it's just all I have a video of right now that I can share.




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Looks like Night Stalker with a bit of Ms. Night Stalker (INTV Homebrew) and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons mixed in.


Yep, that's what I was going for. The Snake & quiver (and archer concept) are from the INTV AD&D game, the skeleton warrior is from AD&D: Treasures of Tarmin, the maze, bats & spider are of course from the original Night Stalker. The treasure & menu sounds were inspired by 2600 Adventure. In our efforts to keep this under 48k I didn't even look in to the larger map of Ms. Night Stalker.

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April Fools! :) It's actually works on both the 2600 and 7800! :)





But isnt it running in a special 320 mode only available on the 7800?

The wife has a special interest in this game as Night Stalker was her favorite Intellivision games.

very interested in a AA cart release.

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But isnt it running in a special 320 mode only available on the 7800?

The wife has a special interest in this game as Night Stalker was her favorite Intellivision games.

very interested in a AA cart release.


Yep, I was kidding. I also loved the original INTV Night Stalker, it was of course my inspiration for this game. It is in fact an exclusive 7800 release and this is not an April Fool's joke. :cool:

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Since you are using the vox I assume when a voice plays the game won't stop ?


That is correct, voice is seamless and does not affect the gameplay at all - no slowdowns or blanking the screen in any way. If you don't have an AtariVox plugged in you simply won't hear the speech.

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