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Star Trek or Star Wars?


Star Trek or Star Wars?  

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  1. 1. Star Trek or Star Wars?

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Haha who bumped this old thread without getting into how much things have changed?


Star Wars: there have been FIVE new movies since this went up (3 sequels, 2 prequels), a couple of animated TV shows, an expensive-looking mainline live action show with spin-offs, an “artsy” prequel TV show, numerous big-budget video games, a long running mobile game, comic book series, toys, and more. I really like how Disney has brought the property back to life as I wasn’t a fan of the prior “extended universe” 


Performing live action in front of CGI on a LED wall (“the volume”) has changed both series and made new visual tricks possible. 


I got myself a little replica Atari Star Wars arcade game that plays the original games with a re-creation of the iconic yoke control. It’s neat!


Star Trek: the movies are over but the films and TV shows are all under the Paramount umbrella now. So far there have been 2 big-budget live action shows, one much more beloved than the other. Same situation for animated shows: Prodigy the kids show even got sold off and stopped production for now. Some PC game re-releases and a mid-tier Telltale style Trek game but not much on consoles. Long-running MMO marches on, as do a couple of mobile games. Not much in the way of toys or merch. Comics continue on. 

If I ever get a white dog I’ll name her Nurse Chapel. 

I like them both, for different reasons, but I think Trek will always be nerdier and less accessible than Star Wars. I hope Paramount survives and keeps Strange New Worlds (or something of its quality) going for a few more years. 

Streaming slowdown is almost a relief because there’s so much stuff to watch! 

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