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Update 9/28/22 Atari 2600 Game Catacombs of Chaos to rereleased and offered as a budget cart $25 at PRGE and TORGS


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Update: Sold out! numbered copies of the 2600 games Catacombs of Chaos. This was physical copy of the rouguelike game Atarowg made by theloon(Jason Santuci). The rom has been modified to be more challenging. The game name has been changed to C@tacombs of Chaos and is packaged with case, manual on parchment paper, ring, and knight figurine. Game is $46.00 shipped. PM me with paypal instructions. Once contacted, payment will need to be done within three days or I will offer the game to the next person who contacts me. I will ship via priority mail. US only. Aside from shipping and paypal fees, all proceeds of this game go to Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center. A huge thank you to theloon for allowing his game to be used for the show, and to raise funds for a non-profit.


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1) Please do put me on a waiting list if anyone backs out.


2) I noticed you said these were a limited edition of NUMBERED copies. Will you be also selling NON-numbered copies? If so, I'd gladly buy that instead and forego the "limited edition".





I am pretty sure at this point I am not. This was to be an exclusive for the show, and probably my final 2600 project. The game was graciously provided by Jason Santuci (theloon here on AA) but to put this on physical cart with extras to sell for charity is alot of time and effort. I am currently working two jobs, 60 hours a week balancing that with two young kids in sports and a very supportive wife. I have such limited time to do a second run of carts, and just dont really want to mess with it. I am very happy with the end result, and had alot of support doing the project in the end. I am not going to say never, but just not right now and not in the foreseeable future.

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Just a heads up to all those who still wanted this game. I made a very small ETERNAL EDITION run of the game. Same label on cart, non numbered, with a different case artwork as well. All proceeds will go to help make a special 2600 project for Cowlitz Gamers for kids. A different knight figure is included as well as a small ring and scroll manual. $46.00 shipped in the lower 48 states US. PM me if interested.


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