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Star Wars Battlefront

Master Phruby

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Yesterday I got a chance to see a preview of Star Wars Battlefront for the PS4 at Star Wars Celebration. This game is absolutely amazing! The X-Wing flight sequence looked great! I couldn't believe that this was not all prerendered. Now if I could play as those new EP7 clone troopers....

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I just read an article with the following info, I listed it here myself cause the website is an ad-fest:


- Runs at 60FPS. Footage shown is pre-alpha

- No space battles

- No single player story mode. It will have crafted missions that can be played solo, with a friend via online co-op or offline split-screen.

- Some gameplay will be on-rails.

- Over 8 maps at launch

- You can play as Vader or Boba Fett

- 40 player cap

- You can customize your characters




"Two weeks prior to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, a downloadable content pack titled Battle of Jakku will be released for Star Wars Battlefront. Rather than featuring battles from the upcoming film, Battle of Jakku will instead see players duking it out after the events of Return of the Jedi, with the DLC set to take place on the desert planet that has been shown in The Force Awakens' trailers.


The DLC will follow the New Republic as they confront Imperial holdouts on the previously unseen Outer Rim enclave, which ultimately leads to the planet of Jakku being turned on its head, which is evident from the trailers. Oh, and it will also be free, which is nice."







The on rails stuff kind of worries me and the no single player campaign isn't too bad if everything else is great (missions, maps etc). The only real let down for me is no space battles. I'm really looking forward to this but I just hope they aren't rushing this out just for the film....and of course its EA we're talking here.

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No space battles?! :(


But...but...I wanna go on a rampage with an X/Y/A/B-Wing and massacre a bunch of TIE fighters!


(At least I still have Rogue Squadron 2.)



Or the other way around :)


A Tie Fighter\Interceptor\Bomber and massacre a bunch of X-Wings!


Sigh...still waiting on a legit modern X-Wing or Tie Fighter sequel.

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I don't mind the lack of story mode at all. It certainly hasn't lessened my enjoyment of Titanfall. And Destiny proved to me that having no story mode is better than having a pitiful, unfinished one. Destiny also taught me never to pre-order a game again based on hype or reviews, so I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm for Battlefront 3.


The lack of space battles disappoints me a bit, but honestly I'd rather them just get ground combat right and for someone else to release a proper reboot of Xwing or TIE Fighter that focuses on space combat only.

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