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Odyssey 2 console review by Cinnemassacre


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I cringe whenever I see someone cramming cartridges in like that! :lol:


Not a fan of the non-nerd reviews with that Mike guy blabbing away either. May as well watch a more legitimate review by CGR or somebody else.


Actually back in 2008 CGR reviews the Odyssey 2. Mark had a hard time with it trying to select and boot up a game. He reviews a few games for the system as well. I can't stand James Rolfe. He acts more like an idiot and a douche than funny IMHO. CGR was great from 2008-2011. Before he adopted that stupid Lord Karnage name on youtube. And boasting and bragging about his so called "Intergalactic Space Arcade". Turned into a douche also I think.


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