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Is there an A/V mod for the ST??

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A quick search reveals this:


Gary Grider of Frankfort, KY (CompuServe I.D. 71016,1000) tells us that in addition to the RGB color video and RF modulated television signals "officially" built into the earlier Atari 520STs, pin 2 on the video jack (labeled "reserved" or "not used" on some ST's) carries a composite video signal that will drive any standard color monitor. (According to Atari, the 520STs and l040STs currently being shipped have composite plugs.) However, if you want to connect the composite pin on your ST, Grider says there are two wires to solder. Assuming you use shielded cable, solder the shielded center wire to pin 2, and solder the grounding sheath to pin 13. Here's how to find the right pins. As you look at the video plug in the back, there are three rows of four pins each, and a single pin underneath. These pins are numbered 1 to 13 going from top to bottom, right to left. Pin 2 is the top row, second from right. The grounding pin is the single pin at the bottom.






Also BEst Electronics sells an adaptor


Best Electronics Monitor Switch BoxAllows you to switch between an Atari SM124, SM125, SM144, SM147 monitor or Atari SC1224 / PS3000 monitor. Has the added feature of Right angle RCA output jacks for Composite Video and Audio (Composite Video / Audio only available on ST Computers with R.F.Modulators). Saves wear and tear on the ST computers monitor right angle connector.


CB102191 $39.95



you could probaly make your own cable off the monitor jack with these pinouts



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