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picking up a genesis


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I am picking up a Genesis and 9 Games today. Looking forward to the Sonics. Not much of a sports fan.


Congrats on the pickup!! Hope you enjoy your Genesis!! A friendly reminder. For the sports games you will not be disappointed with NHL '94. One of my favorite hockey games ever along with Blades of Steel. :-D

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Get an Everdrive!! NHL and Lasorda can be pretty fun, but the rest are..uh.. I liked certain iconic sports titles, but today making a game dated is a sports titles forte. You could play pretty much any other game and it could seem fresh or applicable now, but once you pop in one of those dated sports games it all gets dead and old really quick. NBA Jam can have it's moments, but Basketbrawl is pretty much timeless! Lasorda is dated, whereas Baseball Stars (different systems, I know..) still seems fresh. Aikman football is OLD, but Mutant League Football NEVER get's OLD..I LOVE that game!


NHL 95 was first coming out when I was a worker at a popular Record store that had an electronics section. I was into the genesis and had to fill out orders for all these games that I thought would be popular. I really wasn't sure what the college crowd would like, but I knew what I liked. So, I ordered 32X games and popular Capcom and Komani titles that I knew where all the rage in popular magazines. I nearly got fired for not ordering enough NHL 95 for all these sports crazy college kids (I was in High School and was the youngest employee at Looney T Birds)! Now you couldn't force people to buy those games and they all but fill up crate after crate at local pawn shops and used video game stores!! That store closed down long ago, and the owner was a smelly meatus eye that the crew working there despised, so I guess it was karma.


Good luck getting rid of those dead old sports games and finding all the great arcade ports, side scrollers, shmups, RPGs, simulators, and Sega exclusives!




You can cut the edges out of the cartridge port and play much of the Japanese library! You can mod the Model 1 very easily (one scratch and one soldiered link-up) to turn it into a Mega Drive (literally MAKES it a Japanese system), or install a switch to swap between regions. You can wire a halt switch to stop the 68000 and then put in a switch to overclock the processor up to 14Mhz!! This NEVER overheats and makes games like Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and pretty much everything else (Including flight simulators) escape all instances of slow down (yes, it may crash or mess with the sound (Z80) on certain games! You can hook a Model 1 up to a JAMMA cabinet, too! Mega Drive/Genesis games look AWESOME on an arcade monitor!! All of these are extremely simple mods.


I find it interesting that in Japan the system was named Mega Drive (like Omega or 'last', 'end', 'final') possibly insinuating that it would be the last system (drive) you will ever need. It was named Genesis here which could mean 'beginning'! One is the 'end' and the other the 'beginning'!


Welcome to the club. I adore the Sega systems of old and I think they beat the competition even today! They had more exclusive and original titles than the competition and suited my love for the arcades of the time perfectly.

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