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PS3 Minecraft and split screen controller problems


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I recently picked up Minecraft for the PS3 along with a couple used genuine Dual Shock 3 controllers so that I could take my girlfriend's boys with me on virtual adventures. The problem I run into is that once I split the screen beyond two players I start having controller glitches.


At first I thought it was the used controllers as that's the player that was having problems. The sticks would go wonky, the on-hand inventory selector would scroll, stuff like that. You couldn't even shut the controller off unless I fiddled with plugging and unplugging a USB cable. The kicker is I tried out the problem controller by itself and it worked fine. Monday I made sure it was in the Player One position. Suddenly one of the boys got into inventory and the circle button wouldn't work. I could not shut down the controller either nor would it exit to the game screen. I haven't had time to check that controller over.


Has anyone played this game split screen and had this issue?

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