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atari mailing box

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I purchased a set of atari 2600 wireless controllers off of ebay recently and the seller shipped them in what appears to be the original box that Atari must have mailed them in. It has the Atari logo on it in several places and has a sticker on front with the model number of the controllers. I'm just wondering if these are hard to come by or if anyone has seen any of these recently.


ps: i'm not talking about the controller packaging i'm talking about the box they would have been mailed in.

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do you mean the Model Number CX-42 ?

Normally all the joysticks were sent in larger packaging units to the dealers. Joysticks or other Controllers in packages of ten and games were shipped in packages of six.
There are normal brown shipping cartons, with the imprint of the model number inside.
I kept the outer packaging from everything as well, but if there are buyers or collectors for it, i doubt it.
I do not know how it was handled at the remote joysticks.

btw: I'm sure that someone else can still say something more. A pic of your box would be helpful.

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