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Cavity (2012)

for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Videopac consoles

Your goal is to navigate your way through the cave while collecting various power-ups for points.

As the game gradually increases in both speed and difficulty, you can collect a yellow power-up which temporarily stops the speed from increasing.

If you get the special item by picking up the blinking power-up at the right moment, you will be rewarded with a massive boost to your score as well as an instant speed-down!

Game Features:

- Playable on Videopac and Odyssey2 consoles

- High resolution title screen on Videopac+ consoles

- Multicolor background and cave

- Digitized speech using The voice add-on

- Internet highscore uploading

- Online rewards system




Release Information:

This game is available on cartridge with a limited release of 100 copies.


The game package contains of a Cartridge, manual and index card only. The plastic case can be offered for an additional fee.

For information about how to order this game as well as other Revival Studios Games for the Magnavox Odyssey2 , Videopac and other systems, check out the Revival Studios website at:


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