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Vectrex 4k game packs and other queries.


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Just a quick query, i'm assuming these packs all work...is that correct?


I've just put them on the Vecflash and if i play space wars and teleport the game slows down, stutters and then loads up bedlam (pretty sure you're not supposed to teleport into another game haha) but without the ability to control anything. :?


Is this just a bad flash or a corrupt file. I've only found one place where the files exist so if anyone has the 4k packs that'd be great.


Does anyone know if the 8k packs ever surfaced? I'm assuming not (i can't find them online), but may aswell ask while i'm at it.


Or if there are any other combined game packs knocking about.



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I was just about to post i think its the bin file that's at fault as i've just managed to get it flashed again at it's still the same. Will try these new files, just depends how long it'll take to reflash as i'm still having stability issues with the software.


Thanks again though Richard.

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Guess i got lucky it flashed nearly straight away...same problem though. :(


If anyone else can test this it'd be great.


Basically load up Space wars from the game packs above and as soon as a match starts press 2. You'll teleport and in my case the game slows down, screen flashes and some times you end up in bedlam.


My original space wars game works 100%.

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It was the confirmation if possible of it working on a real machine i was looking for. I was asking more of if someone had one to hand to test not to go out of their way to test.


I haven't tried emulation yet as i'd have to install more than just the emulator...

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Finally got the chance to test it in emulation and in a VecMulti...aaaand its still broken. So the bin file for game pack 2 is damaged / has a coding issue, I can't believe i'm the only one to have found this as the files have been around awhile?.


Soooo if anyone has a working .bin for game pack 2 that'd be great. I'd ask the original creator but i'm not sure how active he now is.


Thanks in advance.

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