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800 restoration project


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I'm having a few issues with restoring an 800 and I'm hoping someone can help me out.


First off, the springy metal bar that is used by the lid latch is missing. Does anyone know of a good alternative? I was eyeing the spring in my wife's garden clippers but I think absconding with it might have repercussions.


Secondly, the I/O bezel is missing - does anyone have a spare or know where I can find one? (I can't find it listed on B&C's site, and I don't have a Best catalog)


Next, the only working CPU card I had on hand has the tin contacts. How problematic is this likely to be? Should I try to source one with gold contacts?


Lastly, the keyboard is pretty messed up. Only the spare bar works. Does this suggest an issue with the keyboard itself or the motherboard? Or is it impossible to tell without more investigation?



thank you!

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