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Opening Gray XE Carts


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Hello all,

I'm going to modify 2 different 16K gray XE carts so I took a lot of pictures to help others who try to open these without breaking the plastic tabs.

First one was Necromanser. This case was held together with a single screw under the label and came apart easily without any problems. It had an XE Super Cart Revision 1 board. This board looks like it has 2 spots for jumpers marked W1 and W2. The board falls right out after you separate the case halfs. No tabs, no problems.

The second one was Football. This board was an XE Super Cart Revision B that didn't appear to have any spots for jumpers. This had the problematic plastic tabs that tend to break off. On the pictures, I've put red dots where the 6 tabs are located. 2 of the tabs located toward the bottom of the cart are smaller than the other 4. It looks like the safest way to open this case is to put it label down on the table then pressing the tabs with a knife blade or other thin piece of metal while prying up at the same time. The tabs are attached to the front (label side) of the cart. I broke off the 2 small ones. They don't bend easily so the chances of breaking them off are high. Bottom line is that they weren't made to be reopened. Hope that this helps someone.


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