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TI-99 Chronological Software Release Timeline


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Is there a list online showing a chronological release timeline of TI-99/4A software? I've found a few websites detailing some titles in order of release '99er.net' etc. but not a list of all cartridges, TI and third party. Perhaps it doesn't exist..?

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I have been using and collecting things TI since 1980 and I've never seen a good timeline list. Toucan did a lot of research to see what had been released in 1979, but that list doesn't put them in release order either. Most efforts to catalog TI cartridges have been from the standpoint of which cartridges were actually released or exist in physical prototype form (or those for which the code exists but for which no surviving original prototypes are known).


One resource that may help is the TI Timeline by Bill Gaskill, if you haven't looked at that one yet.


On Third Party stuff, other than what appeared in the Timeline, I'm not sure anyone has ever taken the time to try and build some kind of a release-order list.

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Hi Keith99er,


I came across this TI-99/4A Cartridge List in Excel format with almost 250 titles that includes a column with the release date (year). It looks like this person created it for his personal inventory tracking. I haven't verified how accurate or extensive it is, but it's been pretty useful tool for me as I begin to rebuild my 99/4A system and collection.




Cartridge List (Excel):



Hope this is helpful!



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That's spot-on - thanks very much for your help folks!


PS: Any idea when the software box design change from stating 'Command Module' (in grey font) to 'Applications Software' (in black font) on the front?




TI also use “SOLID STATE CARTRIDGE” extensively.



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