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Pac-Man Issues in Ms. Pac-Man


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Anyone else have an issue with Pac-Man in the Ms. Pac-Man version of Genesis? We had a History of Pac-Man night, and wanted to do some 2 player options.


Pac-Man was not always following the controls of the player. Or were delayed. Mainly when trying to go up.


Luckily we had a laid-back group, so they didn't mind too much and it was mainly just for fun. It gave a bit of an advance to Ms. Pac-Man since the 1st person controls didn't seem to have any issues.


It thought it was the controller, so I changed out the controller. But then it still happened, so I changed out for a different Genesis model. And... it still didn't help... Anyone else have this problem? Or do I somehow have multiple Genesis consoles or controllers having issues...?

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When you play Ms. Pac Man on Genesis with a 6 button pad, you must hold the mode button down on the top of the controller while booting the system or the controls will be messed up/lagged. Forgotten Worlds also has problems with the 6 button pad. You could also switch to a three button pad to fix the problem.

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i have experienced this problem and had a solution the problem is most likely having is that your playing with a 6 button countroller

due to programming issues ms pac man will not work with a 6 button countroller in 6 button mode

whut you need to do is hold mode on the countroller beffore tou turn on your genesis keep on holding when you turn on

release holding the button when the title screen pops up this should fix the issue if not most likely your mode button is broken

i hope this helped

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Interestingly enough, I actually own a 6 button controller and haven't had to hold the mode button down at all to fix the issues described here...


To be fair, the one I have is one of the newer retro-bit replicas licensed by Sega. Perhaps it doesn't need to be done on those?

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