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Just how much... do ya think?


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Hey all. I have a question that I'm hoping to get some decent feedback on. Just what quantity of data would be used by all the floppy disk images (program and support disks), loose files, etc. of ALL the Atari 8-biit software that exists from now back to the beiginning?


Don't be bashful. Even if you don't know a very good estimate for this, chime in with any info that you do know. How about you SIDE load folks? How big is the partition needed to "have it all" so to speak? ;)


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For the combination of commercially released titles and finished shareware/freeware, I estimate 4gb maximum. To clarify, I'm talking about executables and other content - not source code!


For all the half written programs, hacks, screwing around, etc - perhaps three times that amount - perhaps a lot more :-)

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