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Getting full screen in AppleWin?


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Is there a way to get a full-screen in AppleWin? By that I mean a full edge to edge image without the disk and caps indicators?


Unfortunately not (Referencing the current version here). F6 (Or the typical Alt-Enter) toggles between the full and window screen modes; despite a decent amount of options to the video output...

  • Monochrome (custom) : This mode emulates a monochrome monitor. You can choose your monochrome color from the Monochrome Color button described below.
  • Monochrome (amber/green/white) : Monochrome with specified color.
  • Color (standard) : This mode emulates a standard color monitor.
  • Color (text optimized) : This mode does a bit of image processing to make text more readable on the hires screen.
  • Color (TV emulation) : This mode emulates how colors would bleed into one another on a TV. On the hires screen, alternating horizontal lines of color are bled together to form new colors like grey, purple, pink, yellow and aquamarine. This effect was used in commercial games like Karateka and many hires adventures (eg. Mindshadow).
  • 50% Scan line : Only draw alternate scanline (for better monitor authenticity).

...unfortunately, removing those (rather large) indicator (and 'hidden') buttons on the right side is not one of them.


MAME/MESS has a fairly mature driver, including items like Mockingboard support. Windowed here, but of course you can go full screen without issue "edge to edge" with a plethora of video options:



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