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Atari 7800 Collection

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Hi AtariAge,


I have not posted here in a couple of years, and I know that for the most part vague for sale threads like this are not regarded highly, but I am just testing the water so here goes:


In years past I have amassed quite a console collection with most of the main brands and types- 2600,5200,7800, 400, 800, xl,xe, Collecovision, Astrocade, Intellivision, and probably many others I am forgetting. I have since moved on to other hobbies and have thought about putting several auctions up on Ebay but I know that will be a lot of work.


Off the bat, I know I have almost a complete 7800 collection with several of the titles boxed with those fancy plastic protectors on the cases. For example, I know I have new shrinkwrapped Water Ski and Tank Command as well as others. All are NTSC. I also have about 4 or 5 consoles. I think I have at lease two of the real early ones with the expansion port boxed (EP serial numbers if I am recalling that right?).


My focus back when I was collecting was on rarities, so I know I have several high ticket items (for example- Complete Tigervision 2600 collection including River Patrol, CTCW, Intellivision boxed Fathom, several of the boxed homebrews (Pink Panther, Halloween?), I dunno, tons of stuff...


So... before I go taking pictures of everything, separating it all out and throwing it up on Ebay, I wanted to see if anyone from the community wanted to contact me about making an offer- Specifically on the 7800 stuff for now.


I know roughly what stuff is worth, so this is not a fire sale, but I will definitely work with someone who really wants to pick this stuff up and offer something we are both happy with.


I wont be checking here very often, so instead of PM's, I can be contacted at clwilliams658@yahoo.com. If can text pictures to interested parties in the evenings when I get home.





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