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TurboForth V1.2.1:2 released


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TurboForth V1.2.1:2 (the :2 just means "build 2") is hereby released. The *only* change is a change to the word >MAP which handles mapping of SAMS memory into the 32K memory of the TI. V1.2.1:1 had a somewhat buggy implementation.


If anyone is working with the SAMS Programming Library from the TF website then they should switch to TF V1.2.1:2 immediately, and possibly update their SAMS Programming Library code (the version on the web site is completely up to date).


I have not put the binaries on the TF website just yet. I'll do that tomorrow. Here's a version for Classic99 attached. Put it in your MODS folder.


out yourself knock :thumbsup:



TurboForth V1.2.1-2.zip

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Hey Willsy, can you hook me up with some examples of File IO outside the block structure?


For instance, how would one go about inputting data from (or writing data TO) a DV80 file into a Forth program?


I would like to build a text document generator in Forth... Currently I have a couple programs in XB which I have written that do these things, but I am thinking Forth might give me some extra freedoms and speed.


I am reading (right now) the glossary on turboforth.net, but am having something of a time trying to recreate the functionality of my XB program.



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Yes no problem. I think the file io section is the only section in the tutorials section on the site that I haven't finished yet. I'll post something here over the coming days as a test-bed for what goes on the site.



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That should work just fine for MESS. The BLOCKS disk defines a word called TOOLS which just loads the TFTOOLS from DSK1 - so as long as both files fit on a physical disk (they're 80K each) it'll be just fine.



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