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A bunch of LOGO disks


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Some Atari LOGO related demos and utilities, some probably new to the Internet.


Logo people, report back what you find.








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More stuff I just scanned for LOGO people:


Atari Logo: A Proposed Plan


Internal Atari document proposing creation of the Atari Logo programming language. This is interesting, even if you don't care about Logo, because it details the exact material cost of producing an Atari cartridge in 1982. ($17.05 with manual and box) and the forecast sales.


Guide to Atari Logo Demo Disk - An internal Atari document? A guide to demonstrating Logo to an audience. I wonder if this goes with the demo disk I uploaded at the start of this thread.



Atari Logo Internal documents. https://archive.org/details/AtariLogoInternalDocuments

Two Atari internal documents regarding Atari Logo programming language:

1) Primitives not used in Atari Logo, dated 4/1/1983 or 4/18/1983 (Perhaps this means: these primitives exist in some other Logos, but not Atari Logo.)
2) Sheet detailing differences in commands in Apple Logo vs. Atari Logo.


Many ~1982 magazine articles about logo, not necessarily Atari related.




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