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No, completely different... no upper case 's' in *my* handle. How the heck are you Jim? :rolling:


I'm actually doing pretty good, thank you! My first grand child will be 1 year old in September! I'm starting to get back into my hobby after several years away, except MorphOS which I've been using every day. I'm getting my C= 8bit hobby back on track. I'm done with Amiga classic, completely done. With MorphOS I have no need or want to use Amiga classic. It is similar to Win7 users not feeling nostalic for an IBM PC XT I suppose. I also am not real happy with what is left of the Kommunity. Its a shame it got to the point it did.


How have you been? Looks like by your post count and nickname that the Atari is your first love. An understatement? :P You still using Amiga classic, Commodore 8bit or anything else?

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