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Adding to the Y register

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The problem we have here is that all the undocumented instructions are now documented, so by definition there are no undocumented instructions.

So, we must escalate to something even more cleverer, just because there cannot be enough clever(er)ness.

What to use then? . . . . High energy cosmic rays? . . . . Hair dryers? . . . I got it -- using a bug in any of the custom chips cause the OS to crash in a way that increments Y and then of course, safely recover from the crash as if nothing happened..... Yeah, that's the ticket. Any good programmer could do that. So, make it challenging.... Do it in BASIC. And you're only allowed to assign even numbers to variables.

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I'm now confused by the whole thread. Here's what I saw:


Post 1: danwinslow starts a topic lampooning the Adding to X topic.

Post 2: kenjennings makes an obtuse reply, probably sensing the topic is a joke.

Post 3: knowing the topic is a joke, I make a ridiculous reply about an alternate way to increase Y.

Post 4: In the spirit of the the topic Shawn J is referencing yet another contentious topic.

Post 5: danwinslow thinks no one gets that the topic is a joke.

Post 6: SeaGtGruff comments (via YouTube) on the nature of jokes.

Post 7: JamesD criticizes the premise of the topic.

Post 8: flashjazzcat posts a YouTube example of real nerd humor.

Post 9. tschak909 posts a YouTube comment on the confusion in the topic.

Post 10: kenjennings posts an actual on-topic silly reply.

Post 11: danwinslow still isn't getting the type of responses he expected (which was...?)

Post 12: JamesD says something and thinks the better of it.

Post 13: SeaGtGruff gives danwinslow a little pat on the back.

Post 14: Bryan spends way too much time analyzing a very silly thread, but is rewarded with a standing ovation from A8 users across the globe and a check for $2000.

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