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A chess viewer for pgn files.

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I am thinking about starting on this as a long term project. (You can assume that just drawing the board is enough of a challenge for me at the moment) PGN files are just ascii text files, that sometimes uses {} for comments.


I am using an emulator at the moment, but it would be cool if it was possible to somehow also use an actual Atari to read the files. What would be the best way to go around the conversion? Maybe there is already something like this out there?

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I would be happy if I could get something similar up and running :) The key thing for me is to have the ability to import any pgn file, I wonder if the version you linked has that? I will probably use the Atari800win emulator, it is my favourite :)

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the news about Chess Foreva could be found at atarionline:



the downloads and sources are here:



and this seems to be a blog site (author`s blog?):


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Curly braces are not valid Atari characters only in the visual sense. The ROM character set doesn't have any corresponding shape for those two.

But, in text files those characters are just plain old bytes. The Atari can read any byte value. It is just that these bytes won't mean "open brace" and "close brace" in the ATASCII character set.

Open brace is ASCII value 123. The ATASCII character 123 is the spade graphic character, Ctrl-semicolon.

Close brace is ASCII value 125. The ATASCII character 125 is the clear screen character.

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