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HSC12 Round 8 Poll

Ramp Rage - Finally will it will be finished?!!!  

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  1. 1. What game has got a boat and makes you mad?

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OK this will force me to finally, after nearly 3 years, and thousands of hours of tinkering, to get this game finished and released. In a HSC first you guys get to play a brand new Atari game. Significantly improved on the abbuc version 2014 (which was meant to be in 2013). Ramp Rage is my first assembler game and it's pretty darn ok, but will it stand up to you guys playing it for real?






There will be full instructions and the game should be ok on NTSC systems too. If anyone can't play ATR files please post to let me know as I'll have to see if some genius (Jac) can make an XEX file for you.


trbb ;)

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For this round, I think I'll choose "Ramp Rage!" Does this new game use the often-mentioned, but little seem, motorboat controller that Atari was making in 1983 in its secret undergorund base in Area 51? Or does it just use the plain old joystick?


I'm looking forward to trying your first attempt at an ML game. I presume that this has already been playtested by others... or is this kinda-also a beta-test round?

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