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Video Arcade II controller: Fire button help?


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Short and sweet: are there any tricks/tips/mods to make the fire buttons on Sears Video Arcade II controllers more responsive? The joysticks work reasonably well on mine and the paddle function is very nice, but those fire buttons make some games hard to play; they work, but you've got to press them REALLY hard.

(And please: no "Just use [insert controller] instead" replies. :P )

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I'd cut out a bit of the motherboard where the buttons are and solder a small microswitch horizontally (securing with some hot-glue or similar substance).

This way the buttons would press on the switches properly - as in, on the same axis as the button movement, remediating the idiocy of the original design.


Honestly tho, if you like the form factor, you might want to try The Bug.

The flimsy construction of the plastic tabs that hit the directional dome-contacts is very prone to bending (mushy, worse responce) and eventual breakage.

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